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If you get good service and are happy with your tattoo you should consider a gratuity. We certainly don’t expect tips, but they are always nice. I’ve never heard an artist call someone a cheap motherfucker after they leave, if they leave a tip. Remember tipping artists is good karma, tipping cows is not. Most of you tip the person at the coffee shop that takes 2 minutes to make your coffee. Your tattoo artist has just given you a beautiful piece of art that will be on your body long after that coffee is gone and forgotten.

Expect to pay by cash or credit card. Checks are normally not accepted. Expect to pay prior to the service, if your artist is doing a custom piece and charging the hourly rate, they may not know what to charge until afterward, so in this instance you may be asked to pay afterward. When I am tattooing repeat customers, I usually charge them after. It is totally up to your artist. It is hard to repossess a tattoo; bloody – and l don’t think it’s legal, so most artists want the money up front. You can tip after. It’s good to get the financial pain out of the way so you and your artist can relax and get this tattoo done.