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A scratcher is a person with little or no training who tattoos people out of their house illegally. It is not a good idea to be tattooed by one of these people because they are flying under the radar of the health department and are, therefore, unregulated. These people are generally novices without training in sterile procedure or tattoo instruction.

They get their handy-dandy tattoo kit in the mail. lt comes with no instructions, no sterilizer and usually 2 tubes and 2 needles. Are you starting to get the picture? lf you think you are getting some kind of deal, let me assure you that you are not. Aside from the real possibility of Hepatitis, the work is usually inferior to that you would get in a professional shop. You will, most likely, wind up paying a professional to fix your tattoo if possible, or to have it removed. Contrary to what you might think, a lot of skill goes into doing a tattoo. To tattoo well it takes a lot of practice and a little guidance, tremendous attention to detail, a steady hand, a steady mind, the ability to focus on a task and complete it with the attention that you started it, and artistic ability.

If one of your friends ordered a dental kit in the mail, would you let them practice root canals on you? Why would you then, go to someone’s basement to mark your body for the rest of your life‘? The term ‘scratcher’ is a derogatory term. It was made up by tattoo artists to describe idiots out there scarring people, spreading disease and otherwise giving the rest of us out here doing it right a bad name. I’ve never heard anyone say with pride “l am a scratcher!”