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In Preparation

Inform your artist of any latex or tape allergies, blood borne disease, healing difficulties or anything that can affect the healing of your tattoo.

lf you need to take antibiotics to go to the dentist, you need to take them before getting a tattoo. If you have Mitral Valve Prolapse, some people refer to this as a ‘heart murmur’, you should inform your artist. So if this is something that you need to do. Make sure that you take antibiotics before seeing your tattoo artist.

You cannot get tattooed over an area that has peeling skin. This loose skin can be driven under your healthy skin where it will continue to decompose and cause an infection.

You cannot be tattooed over a rash or sunburn. lf your skin is not healthy  your tattoo will not be healthy and will not heal correctly.

Good personal hygiene. No body odor. No stinky breath. You want your artist to be comfortable tattooing, not trying to finish as quickly as possible. Wanting you out of the shop as fast as can be because you are stinking the place up.

Good health. Your body is going to be traumatized, small trauma, but nonetheless a healthy body will heal tattoos faster. If your body is busy healing itself from a cold it can lengthen healing time for a tattoo

You will heal better if you get one tattoo at a time and let it heal completely before moving on to another.

Well fed. Eat before you get tattooed. You will do so much better on a nourished stomach than on an empty one. Most people who pass out do so because they have nothing in their stomachs.

Well-rested means not tired from too much partying. Not hung over. Get a good night’s sleep. It will make your experience all that much better. Everything gets on your nerves when you are over tired.

Not under influence. There hasn’t been a drug yet invented that will help you manage the pain of a tattoo other than general anesthesia, don’t bother trying. You cannot be legally tattooed if you are under the influence. When you are drunk your body temperature rises, because your blood is more at the surface of your skin you bleed more and most drunks are obnoxious if you are not drunk too.

Not too much caffeine. Drinking a lot of caffeine beverages will also make you bleed more.

Wear loose comfortable clothing when you go for your tattoo. Wear something that you are not afraid to mess up that will expose the area to be tattooed. White is not  GOOD COLOR TO WEAR BECAUSE IF INK GETS ON IT, IT’S TOAST. Tattoo ink stains clothing. It is very hard to get out in the wash. Look at what your artist is wearing. I’ll bet the only white you see is the plastic apron. Don’t wear your best white shorts to get your lower back tattooed. Even though we put a barrier on your shorts, the waistband could be stained a yucky mix of all the colors in your tattoo if the artist isn’t careful. Better to wear dark sweatpants or shorts or such.