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Famous Tattooed People

Bands, a lot of people are inspired by bands that they like and the art that they wear. Beings musician frees musicians from a lot of society’s restraints, and they are able to express themselves on their skin with a certain freedom that the common man is never able to pull off. People are inspired to mimic these musician’s tattoos. Although inspiration is great, copying exactly is lame.

Famous Artist, like any other field, tattooing has its own stars. There are people who have taken the art form to a whole new level. There are the artists of the past who are the classics and started the modern day art form and the artists of today that elevate it to newer and greater heights and the artists of the future who will take tattooing to a place that we cannot even imagine.

There is a lot to be said for your local artist who is plugging away in some small town too. He is the face of tattooing that you see. Although he may never get the recognition that he may deserve, he is the backbone of this art form. I know that every time someone approaches me and asks me about my tattoos I am a representative of the art form. I try to be nice and informative even when I’m in a hurry and not in the mood.

c. Tattoo the Earth is just one of the many tattoo conventions put on every year. I really liked this convention because they introduced ‘tattoo fusion’ to the masses. Tattoo fusion is 2 or more artists working together on a single tattoo, combining their talents and strengths for a completely new style and technique of tattooing. I think what impressed me the most about this particular convention was the emphasis put on the ‘art’ of tattooing. I also got to meet and spend some time talking to artists that I have admired throughout my career. I was impressed with their willingness to talk about their art and to share their knowledge with me. I guess that when you are good and secure in the knowledge that you are good, you don’t mind ‘spreading the wealth‘. I highly recommend visiting tattoo conventions in your area. Tattoo conventions are an informative and entertaining way to spend an afternoon.