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Tattoo Information

What is a Tattoo?

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It regulates body temperature, covers and protects the body and is a barrier against germs. There are 3 layers of skin. The epidermis (top layer) dermis, and endodermis.

A tattoo happens when pigment particles of approximately the size of 5 microns are deposited under the surface layers into the epidermis. The skin then heals over these particles and you are left with a tattoo. Any time that there are pigmented particles introduced under the skin it is technically a tattoo.

The first tattoo probably happened when a cave man somewhere poked himself with a sooty stick from a fire and when the injury healed it left a mark. As soon as they figured out the cause and effect, they experimented with the decorative qualities of this. People have been modifying their bodies ever since.

Why do people get tattooed?

a. Remember someone, someplace and something.
b. Personal expression
c. Piss off parents
d. Because they want to, and they can
e. To be part of a group
f. Devotion to someone or thing
g. To be scary or intimidating
h. Identify medical information
i. Cosmetically disguise unwanted marks
j. Initiation, ritual
k. To show strength, endurance
l. separate oneself from others, disassociate from society
m. Tattoo addiction

Reasons NOT to get tattooed

a. Boyfriend
b. Peer pressure
c. To look ‘cool’