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Shaun Kyle

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About Shaun Kyle

Shaun Kyle, started his tattoo career in 2002 in Utah, where he worked for 6 years honing a style that has great influence from comic books and way too many hours of watching cartoons. It was in Utah, through the people he met there and the teaching he received from his mentor Kita Kazoo, that he learned the importance of listening to the customer, and working with the ideas they gave him in order to create complete custom works of art to adorn their personal human temple. Utah, for our hero Shaun, was a great starting place to create friends, learn the ropes, and come to value the client as a living being who is looking for respect and a great piece of art..its mountains were pretty also.

After enough time in the Beehive State, Shaun decided it was time to move back to his original home in wonderful Southern California. He has since worked a few shops in San Diego that helped to teach him news ways of creating art, structuring layout, and the use of other such magics. Now, this brings us to the most important part of this bio, Shaun Kyle works at Sea Hag Tattoo, along with the two other artists of tremendous strength and virtue. No one in the world is prepared for how awesome this is, and only Shaun Kyle(who is from the future)knows how beautiful your tattoo will be after he is finished with it.

Shaun’s is well versed in most forms of tattooing, and his personal style of art is mainly focused in cartoon/comic, but loves to work with floral imagery just as much. He enjoys painting, swimming in the ocean, has been married for a good twelve years, and is the choice tattoo artist for the superhero community.