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Eva Phoenix

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About Eva Phoenix

Eva Phoenix is the ringmaster of this circus. She has been tattooing for so many years. Years and years and years (she’s old) and she put together Sea Hag Tattoo Parlour as the kind of tattoo shop in which she’d feel good about getting a tattoo.

Over 35 years ago, there weren’t many female tattoo artists, and fewer still have lasted this long. It’s not easy being a lady in a man’s world and, Eva’s no lady.

She began tattooing in Houston, Texas in 1981 where she had it hammered into her head that every part of tattooing was important. From making needles to engraving stencils, Eva has lived the history of tattooing; kind of like a relic. Back then they didn’t really care about your “vision” as much as they wanted to separate you from your cash.

She cut her teeth on the mean streets of Houston, tattooing bikers, prostitutes and the other dregs of society which were pretty much the only folks getting tattoos back in those days. It’s the reason she has what we refer to as, her charm.

She’s traveled around the world working with a whole bunch of what some people would call the best artists in the tattoo world. Some people would say that, but art is subjective, so take that for what it is. Lots and lots of awesome artists.

Eva is big on the traditions of tattoo while embracing the best new practices; more importantly, she cares about the people who wear her art and wants to be sure that everyone leaves happy. As long as they eventually leave. Eva is an artist who respects people’s time, ideas, and the permanence of tattoos.

Eva found Joe on Craigslist trying to sell a goat, and he brought Shaun along only for her to discover that Shaun is the long lost baby she flushed down a Kmart toilet in her hurry to get to a blue-light special. Don’t worry about Shaun, he was raised in the sewers with some turtles and a rat. If you don’t get that this is a joke, maybe you should go somewhere else for that tattoo.

Now they are a happy tattoo family!

They will tell you if your idea is crap – and how you can fix it so you don’t do that – and years after you get your tattoo you will still be happy with it. You will get a good, solid, quality tattoo that will last a lifetime.